Base module "Safe working on and in the vicinity of electrical installations and equipment"

Our base module regarding safe working on and in the vicinity of electrical installations and equipment is divided in 7 sections with the following topic areas:

Section 1: Electric hazards

  • Causes and effects of electric shock
  • Protective measures against electric shock
  • Causes and effects of electric arc faults
  • Protective measures against electric arc faults
  • Exemplary videos of arc faults

Section 2: Qualification and Responsibilities

  • Definition and task description of electrically skilled person (Elektrofachkraft), electrically instructed person (elektrotechnisch unterwiesene Person), designated person in control of an electrical installation (Anlagenverantwortlicher), designated person in control of a work activity (Arbeitsverantwortlicher)
  • Exemplary organisation chart with the hierarchy of responsibilities

Section 3: Regulations and rules

  • Obligations of employers and employees
  • Short description of important electrical standards, regulations and rules
  • Legal consequences after violation

Section 4: Work methods for electrical equipment

  • Detailed description of the 5 rules of electrical safety with accompanying videos
  • Detailed description of work methods for working in the vicinity with detailed references to required distances and covering measures
  • Detailed distinction between authorised live work and live work that requires organisational measures and instructions

Section 5: Equipment, means of protection and tools, PPE

  • Labelling, maintenance and care of equipment
  • Selection of PPE (Insulation classes and Arc Flash Protection Classes)

Section 6: Electrical testing and measuring equipment

  • Overview about required electrical tests (who, when, how often)
  • Overview about measurement categories of testing and measurement equipment

Section 7: Electric accidents and First Aid

  • Accident statistics
  • Causes of accidents
  • Effects and symptoms of electric accidents (electric shock and arc fault)
  • Sequence of first aid, chain of rescue
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