BSD Arc Flash Software

During the usage of the DGUV Information 203-077 (BGI 5188) to determine the necessary protection level of the PPE against electric arcs are the information about short-circuit current, grid voltage, arc burning time, installation construction form and the working distance necessary. That means, that a working place related hazard assessment has to be made. Especially for the working area of public electric energy supply, as well as for widespread industry grids is this fact associated with a considerable extra effort at the hazard assessment. Size and expansion of the operated grid determined essential the amount of working places which has to be considered at a hazard assessment. To support the realization of the BGI in pratice, we developed a software-tool “BSD Arc Flash Software”.

With this software we implement a user-friendly calculation algorithm, which underlie the DGUV Information 203-077 (BGI 5188).
A dialogue orientated menu guidance and a data bank supports a preselection for different parameters and installation requirements (e.g. cable or overhead lines) allows less experienced users an efficient and target-aimed interpretation. A short-circuit current calculation for single radial systems according to DIN VDE 0102 is implemented.

This supports the calculation of the electric arc energy, if the necessary value for the short-circuit current does not exist. You can also choose between a simplified and a precise calculation method. The simplified method allows a small amount of specific installation knowledge, works therefore with higher safety additions. The specific method is more complex, therefore certain saftey additions can be reduced. This can reveal different results. On the one hand for the precise method can be arc protection class 1 enough, on the other hand the simplified method can demand class 2 for the same working place.

The following software features are worth to mention beyond:


  • type of installations
  • safety characteristic lines (over 600 different digital safety characteristic lines of NH- and HH-fuses)
  • grid parameter
  • input data and working place parameters can be saved project related
  • result output in form depiction
  • storage in different file types
  • generation of labels, for labelling the working place according the appropriated protection level of the PPE
  • if required, the PPE can be compiled base on the calculation result in a separat part of the software

The result of your calculation will be shown as a integral component of a hazard assessment.
Besides the arc energy, the required test level of the PPE against electric arc
will be shown as:

  • protective class 1 (168 kJ)
  • protective class 2 (320 kJ)
  • WLBP in kJ

Based on the calculation result, you get suggestion for appropriated certificated
PPE against electric arcs, even if they are over class 2, W(LBP) > 320 kJ.

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