Practical switching operations

Duration: 1 Day

Possible in connection to every basic und recurrent training for electric supply companies and industrial network.

Less switching operations, different installations, routine and the wrong safety of the switching operater increase the risk of mistakes.
The switching operator is during the operation (5 safety rules) alone responsible on-site.
Also switching operations should be trained in multiple training, this will increase the safety.
On the basis of BGV A1, BGV A3 and VDE-0105, the 5 safety rules to make and secure the volt-free condition, as well as to set under voltage after completion of work will be depicted according to practice related switching programs.
Besides you will localize short-circuit errors and earth fault on the basis of grid plans.
Every participant will perform their practical skills at the switching installations.

Principal points:
- acquire switching programs
- switching permission
- 5 safety rules
- approval
- anti-damage training
- specific dangers (e.g. safety distance)
- accident samples

The requirements of the on-site switching installations have to be agreed with our trainer in advance.
The target of the additional switching training is to increase the safety of the switching operator. This training is perfect to refresh the practical knowledge and to increase your awareness for potential risks.

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