MV overhead line, Work on distance (Hot stick working) up to 36 kV

Theoretical training, MV overhead line, Work on distance (Hot stick working) up to 36 kV:

Seminar requirements:

  • Electrically skilled person with sufficiently knowledge of work under absence of voltage, health viewpoint and personal suited
  • proof of first-aid training
  • evidence of introduction for elevating work platforms

Duration: 2 to 5 days

  • Basics of occupational safety
  • Calculating of forces, breaking load etc. moving of rope under considering of forces
  • Rules on live working, labor protection law, IEC, EN…
  • Work methods to work near live installation and production inputs
  • Live working
  • Work instruction, permission for live working, safety regulations in live working
  • Principles for preparation, carrying-out, completion and termination of live working
  • Common working method while live working, work on distance
  • Cooperation authorized skilled electrical technicians who give instructions, system manager, network control station
  • Supervisor on the ground
  • Minimum approach distance (MAD)
  • Handling of equipment in different types of pylons
  • Development of work instruction for live working in different types of pylons
  • If relevant: management structure of company
  • Application, cleaning, maintenance and inspection of equipment
  • Written exam

Passing the test will be precondition for participating in practical training which can coordinated individually.


Theoretical training in mounting and dismantling of bird protection caps up to 36 kV

Duration: 2 days

36kV Stangenverfahren

Practical training, MV overhead line, hot stick working up to 36 kV:

Duration: 3 to 15 days (including observing after training in medium-voltage grid)

  • Feasibility analysis for the respective technology at the existing type of pylon
  • Development of work instruction considering type of pylon
  • Calculation of forces of working pylon
  • Preparation live working medium voltage (equipment, humidity, construction, placing an order, system manager/ network control station…)
  • Execution of live working
  • Termination / completion of live working
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the equipment
  • Handling of equipment considering minimum approach distances
  • Working with ladders or non-insulated elevating work platform
  • The practical part will be done de-energized and by real Live Working
  • practical test
  • evaluation


  • Installation of bird protection (caps)
  • Mounting of short-circuit indicators
  • Covering at tower stations, refurbishments of concrete pylons
  • Change of tension insulator
  • Change of suspension insulator
  • Mounting of electrical disconnecting points
  • Opening and closing of current loops
  • Repair of line damages


Pratical training: Duration 3 days

  • Mounting and removing of bird protection caps
  • Mounting and removing of BSD perch rejectors
  • Mounting and removing of BSD covers for strain poles
  • Mounting and removing of short-circuit indicators
  • with ladders or ordinary elevation platform up to 36 kV
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