Work with insulating gloves up to 36 kV

Prerequisites for the seminar:

  • electrically skilled person with sufficient knowledge of MV overhead lines, sanitary and personal suitable
  • Work always will be executed at least with 3 electrically skilled person with first-aid training
  • Experiences with elevating work platforms are helpful

Basic theory: 3 days

Basics of occupational safety:

  • instructions for live working, Safety at Work Act, IEC, EN…
  • Risk assessment at the operational site by the working group
  • Work methods to work near live installations
  • Live working
  • Work instruction, permission for live working, safety regulations in live working
  • Principles for preparation, carrying-out, completion and termination of live working
  • Common working methods while live working with insulating gloves and work on free potential
  • Cooperation authorized skilled electrical technicians who give instructions, system manager, network control station, supervisor on the ground

Basics of electrical engineering:

  • Principles of electrical engineering, short introduction
  • Overvoltage factor by earth faults considering neutral point treatment

Theory considering Live Working technology:

  • Assessment of the possibility of live working, preliminary rulings
  • Calculating of forces, breaking load etc. moving of rope under considering of forces
  • Introduction in the insulating elevated work platform and preliminaries before live working
  • Specialities of equipment, data sheets
  • Tests and retests of equipment
  • Preparation at place of work, cleaning and check of the equipment for live working
  • Use and handling of covers
  • Handling of equipment according different types of pylons
  • Minimum distance of unprotected body parts to earth potential according to nominal voltage
  • If necessary: company management structure, company standards
  • Application, maintenance, care and testing of equipment after finish Live Working

End of theoretical training:

  • Written exam

Practical training, MV overhead line, working with insulating gloves up to 36 kV:

Duration: 30 days

While practical training will be teached technologically necessary theory and practice. Duration of training depends on the selected technologies. 30 days include all technologies listed below.

  • Feasibility analysis for the respective technology at the existing type of pylon
  • Development of work instructions considering type of pylon
  • Calculation of forces at working pylon
  • Preparation live working medium voltage (equipment, humidity, construction, placing an order, system manager/ network control station…)
  • Execution of live working
  • Termination / completion of live working
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the equipment
  • Handling of equipment
  • Handling of jumper and tension devices
  • Working with insulated elevating work platforms
  • The practical part will be done de-energized and by real Live Working
  • Practical test
  • Evaluation


  • Assembly and disassembly of bird protection caps
  • Covering for work at non-active parts
  • Changing of tension insulator
  • Changing of suspension insulator
  • Changing of supporting insulator
  • Mounting of electrical disconnecting points
  • Opening and closing of current bridges
  • Repairing of line damages
  • Umbau von Traversen, z.B.: Stütz- in Hängesystem
  • Changes of pylons
  • Removal of foreign parts from the overhead lines

Procedure of practical training:

In the training centre of BSD the participants will study the pylons and develop the technology (plot) afterwards. Considering the existing work instruction, they will set out technology in a paper and be trained in special security principles.
The feasibility analysis for the respective technology at the existing type of pylon as well as the risk assessment will be checked on the spot. The participants will be trained in correct selection of equipment, also in the specifics issues and details of handling and appropriate use. The preparatory actions will be performed on the spot. Each working group will carry out every technology under de-energized conditions and under live working conditions. This work will be taking into account the emerging forces.
All participants make self-assessments and trainers will be assesses the employees. In BSD network will be checked selected technologies. In grid of power supply company, the technologies will develop by using images of overhead lines and pylons. In the grid will be also the practical test of the Live Working trainees.

20 Days are for the training at BSD grid, further 10 days are for the training at grid of power supply company.
If no grid of power supply company is available, than 30 days will be used at BSD grid.

Observing after training, duration: 10 days

An instructor will observe all employees during 10 days. Following they can be certificated.

Apart from the pre-agreed basic equipment, BSD makes the equipment for training available.

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