Seminar for Executives Cleaning and maintenance of Indoor Switchgear Installations up to 36 kV

Target group are authorized skilled electrical technicians who give instructions, system manager, system manager in electrical supply companies, industries and manufacturer, which order, introduce, instruct or supervise live working.

Duration: 1 ½ up to 2 days


Day 1: Theory, begins at 9:00, ends at about 17:00 followed by dinner

  • Organizational measures (risk analysis, works standard, work instructions)
  • Common laws e.g. Safety at Work Act
  • Laws and Rouls for Live Working
  • Decision of the authorized skilled electrical technicians for live working or work under absence of voltage
  • Cooperation of electrical supply companies and authorized assembly companies for realization live working
  • Safety related measures in networks for live working (separating, fuses)
  • Responsibility for constructions and reports, instructions and arrangements
  • retests of equipment (maintenance and selection criteria)
  • placing of order and responsibility for placing of order
  • personal suitability of employees for live working, annually test
  • monitoring of live working and special technologies
  • Get together at dinner

Day 2: Theory und practice, begins at 9:00, ends at about 12:00

  • Test of equipment
  • Principles of live working
  • Practical demonstrations live working, clarification of all details

Day 2 optional module: “Cleaning and maintenance of indoor installations up to 36 kV”, from 13:00 to 16:30

  • Cooperation authorized skilled electrical technicians, system manager, network control station, supervisor on the ground
  • personnel requirements
  • request external company
  • demonstration of technique for medium voltage technologies
  • Minimum distance, modified Minimum distance live working
  • Preparation live working medium voltage (equipment, humidity, construction, placing of order, system manager/ network control station…)
  • Termination / completion Live Working
  • Estimation of electrical systems for making Live Work
  • Presentation of more possibilities of Live Working e.g. Mobile BSD Jumpering System

If seminars take place in your house they can be arranged individually.

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