Basic training cable assembling up to 1 kV with/without oil paper insulated cable

Requirements and organisational informations:

Basic requirement for the cable assembler training is an apprenticeship and a nomination as a electrically skilled person according to BGV A3. Furthermore, the trainees have to be physical and technical qualified for climbing on masts and for work places with risks of fall. The handling with hand tools for normal industrial use has to be known and trained.


  • basic knowledge of worker protection
  • first-aid training
  • participants can read, capture and implement draws and descriptions
  • allocation of the necessary tools and equipment

The trainings happen in a group of 6 persons. Single-training or training with other participant numbers on request.

Our trainers have multi-annual experiences in the area of standardisation of cables and sets geman-wide, of cable assembling, cable trainings and pre-qualificaton of cable assemblers.

The participants can bring their cables and sets along. Therefore the price of the training will reduce.
The necessary amount will be coordinated before the training.

Place of training:

  • BSD GmbH, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Lutherstraße 33
  • in accordance to certain requirements at your location

Duration:  3,0 days without oil paper insulated cable (NAKLEY) and 5 days with NAKLEY

Knowledge of cable contructions, types of cable and cable sets

Assembly of plastic insulated cables and oil paper insulated cables e.g.:

  • branch-joint by clamp ring technique, plastic insulated cable
  • branch-joint at oil paper insulated cable
  • cutting of plastic cable
  • cutting of oil paper insulated cable
  • assembly of voltage resistant en caps at plastic insulated cable and oil paper insulated cable
  • assembly of straight-joint
  • assembly of transition-joint from oil paper insulated to plastic insulated cable

We are able to train at all current cable and sets. Details and specifica have to be coordinated in advance of the training. Therefore the duration and price can vary.

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