Operator- and installation-responsibility for electric supply and industrial companies

To expose the area of responsibility and the field of function of all involved person who are working on electrical installation with focus on the facilitiy operator and the person in control.

Target audience:
Persons of electric supply companies and industrial companies (responsible electrically qualified person, grid engineers, department chiefs, enterpriser, operations manager and other executive manager) which have the responsibility for electrical installations and who transfer the responsibilities to an other person.

Training place:
BSD GmbH, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Lutherstraße 33
In accordance to certain requirements at your location.

Duration:  1 day
Start:  first day at 13 o’clock
End: next day ca.13 o’clock


  • legal parameter for the operation of electrical installations (jurisdication, standards, accident prevention regulations)
  • definitions of involved persons
  • definitions of operations at electrical installations (e.g. operate, working, switching, implement the 5 saftey rules, changing the working condition of operating supplies and grids)
  • transfer of responsibilitiesto workers of contractor
  • technical and personell requirements for working at electric installations
    • who may implement the 5 safety rules in a low- and medium-voltage grids
    • who may change the working condition of operating supplies
    • who may do switching operations in the case of maintenance service
    • who may do preparation measures for working under voltage
  • area of responsibility of the installation operator and the person in control for switching, regulating, control, repair, service, tests, measuring
  • teamwork
    • hazard assessment for work at electrical installations and therefore the resulting selection of PPE
    • calculation of the arc energy level at different working places according to BGI 5188
  • the correct judical transfer of responsibilities to other persons and their technical and personell requirements for e.g.
    • operator responsibility of judical and natural persons
    • installation responsibility
    • working responsibility
  • cooperation and communication between facility operator, person in control of a electrical installation and all other involved persons, especially contractor e.g.
    • transfer of responsibility to worker of contractor
    • partition and differentiation of duties in a customer- and contractor-relation
    • difference between instruction and briefing of worker of contractor at the working place
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