Responsible electrically skilled person


The training shows the superior of electrical firms their range of technical and managerial responsibility. The participants get concrete tools to put their tasks, duties and responsibility into action.

Target audience:

responsible electrically skilled person, installation operator, person in charge of electrical installation, supervisor

Training place:

  • BSD GmbH, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Lutherstraße 33
  • in accordance to certain requirements at your location

Duration: 2,0 Days

Content part 1

  • European Community-right, laws, regulations, directives
  • the most important regulations for electrical engineering
  • tranfer of contractor duties to qualified persons
  • tasks and duties of the qualified persons
  • consequences of irregular or careless behavior

part 2

  • types of accidents, accident blackspots, causes, measures, prevention
  • choice of personal protective equipment
  • organisation of work
  • switching operations at LV- and MV-installations
  • special requirements for live working
  • special training and receipt of admission for live working
  • work instructions for live working
  • tools, equipment, means
  • organisation of workflows
  • to make up hazard assessments
  • to make up work instructions
  • acceptence of bid and contact with outside companies and their workers

part 3

  • profile of qualification:
    installation operator, supervisor, persons in charge of installations and qualified persons
  • qualification and permissible tasks of:
    electrical instructed perosns
    electrically skilled person for fixed operations
  • duty for instruction of employees according to regulations
  • trainings for employees
  • tests of stationary electrical installations
  • repeat tests of electrical installations and means
  • requirements to:
    testing personnel
    testing devices and documentation
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