Qualification to electrically skilled person

10,0 Days (inclusive written test) optional 5 till 20 days practical training (modules)

Seminar target:
Theoretical training (on request also practical training) for nomination to an electrically skilled person.

Target audience:
Persons without an electrotechnical apprenticeship, but with multi-annual practical work experience in the electrotechnical area.

Mathematical basics:

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power
  • real numbers, imaginary numbers, complex numbers
  • physical quantities
  • dimensions

Electrotechnical basics:

  • direct current, alternating current, rotary current
  • flow of the current and voltage
  • peak value, effective value, frequence
  • ohmic resistance
  • magnetic and electrical fields
  • capacitive und inductive resistance
  • induction law
  • Ohm’s law, Kirchhoffsch’s laws, active current, idle current, effective power, idle power

Application of basics at supplies:

  • Impedance:
    wires, cables, deratings, capacitor
    practical configuration
  • Induction law:
    transformer, transducer, generators, engines
    practical configuration
  • Flow of current and voltage:
    switchgears, fuses
    practical configuration
    measurement and control technology
  • Effects of voltage:
    operating voltage, switching voltage
  • Effects of current:
    operating current, short-circuit current, earth fault current

Application of the basics on the configuration of grids and switching installations

  • Choice of voltage level:
    conduction and allocation
  • Grid configuration:
    parallel line, ring network, meshed network, reliability, grid losses, short-circuit power
  • Installation configuration:
    Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage installations
  • safety conception:
    overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection
  • Electrical hazard:
    electrical perfusion of the body, electric arc incedents
  • Controlling of electrical hazards:
    3 working methods to work at or in vicinity of electrical installations and supplies
  • Basics of work protection
  • behavior during accidents


  • test and proof about participation if passed.

optional practice segments:

  • 5 days energy supply Low-Voltag overhead lines 1 kV
  • 5 days energy supply Medium-Voltag overhead lines 36 kV
  • 5 days energy supply Low-Voltag cable assembly 1 kV
  • 5 days energy supply switchgears/counter 1 kV
  • 5 days industrial techniques
  • other modules on request

After nomination to an electrically skilled person, you can visit our Live Working training.

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