Basic training OHL assembling up to 1 kV

Requirements and organisational information:

Basic requirement for the OHL assembling training is an apprenticeship and a nomination as a electrically skilled person according to BGV A3. Furthermore, the trainees have to be physical and technical qualified for climbing on masts and for work places with risks of fall. The handling with hand tools for normal industrial use has to be known and trained.


  • basic knowledge of worker protection
  • first-aid training
  • participants can read, capture and implement draws and descriptions

The trainings happen in a group of 6 persons. Single-training or training with other participant numbers on request.

Our trainer have the necessary theoretical knowledge and multi-annual practical experience in the area of OHL and OHL assembling. They have mastery of special technologies and devices.

Place of training:

  • BSD GmbH, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Lutherstraße 33
  • in accordance to certain requirements at your location

Duration: 5,0 days


  • theoretical knowledge
  • basic setup of Low-Voltage overhead transmission networks
  • functionality of network components (overvoltage arrester, mast switch…)
  • attractions in dependence of the material  (sag of cables, breaking load)
  • 5 safety rules (from ground, ladder, riser)


  • basic training for climbing
  • climb onto wooden masts, roofs, lattice masts by climbing irons or ladder
  • handling of mobile elevate work platform
  • usage of mast securing devices
  • application of PPE, tools, supplies

Practical fittings e.g.

  • exchange of supports
  • exchange of terminals
  • exchange of disconnect meter
  • exchange of overvoltage arrester
  • repair of conductor ropes
  • wind down of masts

Additional features and wishes have to bee coordinated in advance. Therefore duration and costs can vary.

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