Basic training cable assembling greater 1 kV up to 30 kV

Duration: 3,0 days plastic insulated cable and oil paper insulated cable up to 10 days

electrically skilled person according to BGV A3

The participants can bring their cables and sets along. Therefore the price of the training will reduce.
The necessary amount will be coordinated before the training.

Content of theory:

  • knowledge of cable construction
  • types of cables, plastic insulated cable and oil paper insulated cable
  • cable sets

pratcie: assembly of Medium-Voltage cable sets, e.g.:

  • straight-joints in slide-, warm shrink- und cold shrink technique
  • end caps of single-wire plastic insulated cables
  • transition-joints from belted cable to plastic insulated cable
  • outdoor end caps and indoor end caps in slide- and shrink-technique for single-wire cable
  • cable plug-ins outer and inner cone

Practice: types of cables, e.g.:

  • separately lead-sheated cable N(A)KBA/ NKBA
  • single-wire cable VPE NA2XS2Y
  • single-wire cable PVC NA2XSY
  • single-wire cable TGL NA2YHCAY
  • paper insulated belted cable NKBA
  • high-voltage cable NAHKBA
  • oil paper insulated cable NAKLEY
  • high flexible cable

We are able to train at all current cable and sets. Details and specifica have to be coordinated in advance of the training. Therefore the duration and price can vary.

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