Training for electrical instructed persons (EuP)

Target group are employees, who are working on or in the vicinity of electrical installations and equipment and who do not have a complete electrical education. For successful participation in the seminar participants get the certificate “electrical instructed persons according to DGUV V3”.

Duration: 2-3 days

Theory and practice will be adapted to the future job profile e.g.:

  • DGUV V1 and DGUV V3, VDE 105-100, possible DGUV Rule 103-011
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Dangers of electric current
  • First aid after electricity-related accidents
  • Work methods for work on or in the vicinity of of electrical installations and equipment
  • Work near live installations and equipment
  • 5 rules of electrical safety in theory and practice
  • Work with testing and measuring devices
  • Live Working, instructions, equipment
  • Equipment and their identification (label and tags), selection criteria for segregation
  • Practical exercises, work with measuring equipment, removing and inserting LV fuses
  • Written exam

After completion every participant receives a confirmation of participation with a list of contents of training e.g.:

  • EuP- for work in the vicinity of electrical installations
  • EuP- Cutting off of electrical meters
  • EuP- Supervisor for live work
  • EuP- First aid after electricity-related accidents
  • EuP- Testing of portable electrical equipment
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