Rescue from heights (LV- and MV-poles)

The training takes place according on the basis of BGR 199 (usage of personal protective equipment for rescue from heights and depths).

The basis of this training is the nomination to an electrically skilled person. The trainees have to be physical and technical qualified for climbing onto OHL and work places with risks of fall.


  • basic knowledge of worker protection
  • first-aid training
  • able to climb onto wooden-, lattice- and concrete-masts by climbing iron and ladders
  • basic knowledge of usage of fall arrester harnesses

The trainings happen in a group of 12 persons. Single-training or trainings with a other participant numbers on request. Usually rescue from wooden-, lattice- and concrete-masts, on request special programs and individual content possible.

Our trainers have the necessary knowledge and multi-annual practical experience in the area of height rescue trainings for energy supply companies, fire brigades and disaster relief teams. They have mastery of special technologies and devices.

Place of training:

  • BSD GmbH, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Lutherstraße 33
  • in accordance to certain requirements at your location


The training should be made with the equipment which is available in your company (height rescue devices, safety harnesses). If no devices are available, we can provide the equipment for the training. The equipment can also be purchased before or after the training. We will have the pleasure to advice you and make you an offer.

Duration: 2,0 days


  • basics
  • definitions
  • regulations
  • legal aspects
  • course of action in case of emergency, rescue plan

Theory and practice:

  • devices
  • basics, designs, service, storage, tests, wear limits
  • minimum standards of to keep available rescue equipment
  • medical dangers
  • particularities of wooden-, lattice-, and concrete-masts
  • rescue from ladders, climb protection devices, quide bars


  • training and practice
  • rescue with height rescue devices from the masts
  • crash-rescue with minimized equipment from the masts

Additional features and wishes have to bee coordinated in advance. Therefore duration and costs can vary.

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