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BSD-ErgoS Intec in three variants

Since this month we can offer you three variants of the ErgoS family, which are integrated in a hard hat. The group of BSD ErgoS Intec
consisting of:
BSD ErgoS-Intec, Boxtest test (GS ET 29) class 2
BSD ErgoS-Intec Plus, Boxtest test (GS ET 29) class 2, ATPV 14 cal/cm²
BSD ErgoS-Intec Power, ATPV 28 cal/cm², EN 166

Of course, the ErgoS also have a color reproduction of more than 95% and an outstanding service life.
In addition, all BSD ErgoS Intec Group discs have permanent anti-fog.
The BSD Real View Technolgie!

BSD-Real View Technology

Aging and colour reproduction of green and yellow Face Schields and Shields with BSD-Real View Technology

The lense makes the difference

The strong Partner for your Safety

The development and training of sophisticated technologies for working on and in the vicinity of live electrical systems is the core of our company. Inseparable from this is the assessment of the electrical hazards associated with the work and, as a result, the development and production of appropriate protective equipment for the person working. Thus, the protection of persons against electric shock and the protection against the thermal hazards of arc faults (arc fault protection, protection against arc flash) are the focus of attention. Our company is characterised by the fact that the dangers are considered in their entirety from their origin to their impact. Our work begins with research and ends with the manufacture of the appropriate equipment. Our knowledge and skills are based on training courses for more than 30,000 electricians both nationally and internationally, hundreds of arc tests, an intensive exchange of experience with colleagues from all over the world and cooperation in national and international standardization committees (IEC, DKE).

Our professional strength is your benefit - we bundle competence in one hand!

arc flash face shield, arc flash risk assessment, arc flash ppe


Live working up to 36 kV

Arc flash training

Switching operations up to 36 kV

Eletrotechnical seminars

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

For live working

Arc Flash Risk Assesments

Arc flash protection

Calculation of arc energy according to IEEE 1584 and DGUV Information 203-077


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for live working

Arc Flash Face shield

Equipment for live working up to 36 kV

Arc Flash Protection, Arc Flash PPE

Technologies for live working up to 36 kV

Software to calculate arc energy at the working place



Equipment for live working

Arc flash protection

Arc flash hood, Arc Flash PPE

Arc flash Face shield

Made in Germany

Testing services

Voltage testing of live working equipment up to 400 kV

Arc tests of materials and PPE


Company headquarters

Lutherstraße 33
01900 Großröhrsdorf

T: +49 35952/ 410-210
F: +49 35952/410-215

N: 51º 08' 32" E: 14º 01' 05"
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Melanchthonstraße 45
01900 Großröhrsdorf
N: 51°08'31.8" E: 14°01'18.9"
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